Our story began with a really sweet idea. 

We wanted to make a yummilicious organic candy. Something wonderfully soft and wickedly chewy, free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives. A candy with a conscience!

So we got busy in the kitchen and stirred up a tasty treat that’s flavored with fruit, sweetened with honey, and mixed with love. 

All Hey Yum products are certified organic.  It’s something we’re passionate about because we believe organic is best for the planet and best for people. Including people with a sweet tooth. 


Meet elves, butterflies, owls and other forest folk in a spellbinding mix of soft and juicy honey-sweetened fruit gums.  


Discover a lost world filled with kind and curious dinosaurs with fruity flavors and just a hint of honey. 


Explore a wonderland where feisty fruit-gum rabbits nibble on luscious flowers that have a jolt of sour to balance the sweetness.

HEY YUM! is created by Sweet Intentions located in Copenhagen.

Sweet Intentions
Lille Strandvej 24
2900 Hellerup

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